The Gallery-Men

This week Tara at Sticky Fingers has set us a lovely one…MEN! I had intended to post a photo of my man sailing because he looks so relaxed and free while he’s doing it (There’s one here if you want a peep) but while I was a-wandering through my photo files I found one which made me catch my breath.

I have a complicated relationship with my father. I don’t have many happy memories of us in my childhood. He left when I was 10 and the barriers between us which we have both constructed means that we are now having to rebuild a fragile friendship.

That is why this photo sprang out at me

This is my husband and my daughter. She has no idea how lucky she is. He loves her kindly, proudly, unconditionally. He holds her, laughs with her, carries her, plays endless games with her, reads to her, dances with her, tells her she is beautiful, wipes her tears, holds her hand and strokes her hair. He is firm and fair. If he gets it wrong he says sorry. If she gets it wrong he forgives her.

I love him for me but I also love him for her and what he is when he is with her. He is a fabulous Dad.


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51 responses to “The Gallery-Men

  1. …& not a bad partner I suspect! Lovely post Chris! Depicts all that ‘family’ should mean.

  2. That’s a beautiful, wonderful, happy picture. Agree with Julia, it’s what family is all about.

  3. i am now in tears.
    you capture so well the importance of fathers.
    they are so very special

  4. I have a secret button.
    You somehow manage to push it every time you post.
    (Was I a mess before or are you making me that way??!)
    Once again, a gorgeous, astute, down-to-earth and ‘real’ snap-shot of your life. Thank you so much for sharing.
    MJM xx

  5. Such a lovely post. A reminder of how good fathers are so very very important.

    A really lovely photo aswell.

  6. Red Ted Art

    aaah, lovely! I bet that made him feel all warm and fuzzy (which he deserves!)

  7. That picture is just how Fathers and Daughters should be, it’s lovely.

  8. I was a real daddys girl. I love the fact the MadDad is all the boys want and they really look up to him. I hope it lasts forever

  9. Oh Christine that is just too lovely. All the men posts I’ve seen today have made me well up. And for once not from irritation! No truly beautiful. What a great dad and as you say a very lucky daughter. For him to be able to say sorry & forgive…what a man.

  10. I have no relationship with my Father and am constantly in awe of my kids and their relationship with my husband, it’s beautiful. You’re very lucky to have landed a good one too. Beautiful photograph x

  11. I love the look in his eyes as he protects his daughter but is looking strongly ahead. I can’t explain it properly but hope you know what I mean.
    There are some lovely photos this week x

  12. What a gorgeous photo. He looks so proud and protective. She is a very lucky daughter. Beautiful post.

  13. Lovely post and a lovely picture. The father daughter relationship can be so complicated, but when it is right it is so lovely. Thanks for sharing that with us. x

  14. I really like this – sort of candid but your daughter peeking out knowing what she’s got there iykwim?

  15. *sobbing* – wonderful photo and post xxx

  16. I’m sure the day will come when she does realise how lucky she is. Beautiful photo.

    CJ xx

  17. Such a beautiful photo. Your daughter looks so at peace in the arms of her strong Dad. Every little girl should be able to feel like that at least once in their life. I love your blog. It’s so life-affirming! Thank you for sharing yourself and for letting us peek into your family’s life. xx

  18. Gorgeous photo, and even more gorgeous sentiment. xxx

  19. what a fantasic picture.

  20. Just perfection….that’s how it should be…. always xxx

  21. Beautiful photo. X

  22. It’s a really lovely thing to watch; your daughters with their Dads, especially when you’ve had a challenging relationship with your own. It’s a lovely photo and a feeling I can really relate to.

  23. suburbanmummyuk

    Aw lovely, it is so nice to see our men with our babies!

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