Grumpy Old Woman

I have been tagged for this one by Nova at Cherished By Me. It seems appropriate to do it back to back with the Happiness 101 meme which I completed yesterday!

Now I have to tell you about 7 things which make me grumpy (only 7!!). I am a huge fan of Grumpy Old Women when it pops up on telly and while I am a fairly cheery person most of the time and my cup is usually half full rather that half empty I do like a good grump every now and again (and again, and again!).

These things are guaranteed to get my goat.

1. People in cars who don’t say thank you when I have clearly stopped to let them pass. I have contemplated making a great big sign which I can flash at them. Something along the lines of ‘Manners don’t cost anything’ or ‘Who brought you up?’ or ‘Oy, I waited for you, a thank you would be nice’ or ‘%*£$*$%!’. My children won’t let me.

2. Dirty dishes left on top of the empty dishwasher. Dirty clothes left on top of the laundry basket. Junk mail left on the surface instead of put into the recycling box. OPEN IT, PUT THEM INSIDE!

3. Rain, falling on my washing within moments of me putting it on the line. Is there somebody up there having a laugh? “Oh look, there’s Chris putting the enormous family sock wash on the line… 82, 83, 84… she’s done them…she’s going inside…she’s putting the kettle on…NOW! Turn the sprinkler on Rain Fairy…hee hee hee!”

Which brings me on to

4. Socks. There are 12 feet in this house. That makes 84 socks a week to wash! Socks which people hide in their bedrooms instead of popping them into the laundry basket when finished with so they all turn up at once demanding to be washed.Socks which people leave on their floors which have underfloor heating which creates an all-pervading waft of foot throughout my house. Socks which people ball up instead of flapping out so I have to flap OTHER PEOPLE’S SOCKS before I can put them in the machine. Socks which play hide and seek and refuse to come back out of the wash as pairs. Socks which all look the same (I now buy colour coded ones for each family member which has cut down on this particular stress a tiny bit).

5. Politicians. Not very original I know but it is THAT week this week, the week when the old adage “If you want to be a politician then you shouldn’t be one” seems very apt. Watching the shenanigans going on, the toing and froing makes me want to scream! We are trying to run businesses, raise families, live lives out here; can you just get on with it, form a stable government and stop looking out for yourselves PLEASE!

6. Supermarket banners outside schools. While I am delighted that Sainsburys/Tesco/Asda etc want to give our schools much-needed equipment I am not very keen on schools being used as advertising hoardings for these multi-billion dollar/pound businesses.

7. Running out of Earl Grey tea and having to have Builder’s. This makes me very grumpy and it is best not to approach me if you know this has happened. You have been warned!

I shall tag

Julia at What Will Julia do Next (again) cos I think she will enjoy this one!

Metajugglamum cos it will give her a good excuse for a bit of a shout!


Heather at Eggs Cream and Honey cos I would like to see which recipe she comes up with to go with this one!

If you’d like a go at it leave a comment and I’ll link to you too!


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18 responses to “Grumpy Old Woman

  1. HUN-you sooo need sock locks! Hva eyou not seen my vlog about laundry???

  2. Ah yes, the socks.

    I have an odd sock box which I periodically go through in order to see if there are in fact any pairs in it. This activity always seems to be accompanied by a loss of the will to live…

    • *Groans* I have now given up on my odd sock bag, I cannot bear it! Of course as soon as I actually throw it away all those missing partners will pop up and start their own odd sock bag!

  3. Great list! I understand about socks – even with just the two of us! My feelings of impoliteness of drivers is well documented!
    I’ll get thinking about my list because of course I have so few!! (Not!)

  4. Totally with you on all but no 7. I am afraid to say I am rather partial to a bit of builders tea. Better bring your own if you ever come over! Now what recipe makes me grumpy….x

  5. This was a very excellent, entertaining, and readable post. You are very funny. I absolutely HATE it when my husband picks his dish up off the table, strolls over to the dishwasher, and PUTS THE DISH IN THE SINK. Another thing. I just love “PG Tips.” Does this make me a low brow? I love your blog. It does not overwhelm. xo molly

  6. elleonthego

    My worst gripe is builders,we had a really nasty experience a few years ago,talking about police getting involved…
    I just cannot bear being in a house with builders anymore,fee la rash coming on…

  7. Agree with all of the above except no 7, I get really annoyed when presented with a cup of Breakfast Tea or Earl Grey, weak stuff that tastes like washing up liquid, give me a typhoo anyday…

  8. Oh I can relate to so many of those too..
    People who don’t say thank you false stop annoys me, when you open the door for them, let them go in the car…grrr
    I’d never thought of how many socks I wash a week…until now but yes they are a bug bear of mine…sometimes I throw them all in the basket and get the children to match them. Or hunt for the missing one.😉
    Thank you for doing it.

    • I do get the kids to sort them if they are around…it’s when they are smelly and balled up which really gets me! I enjoyed doing it immensly, thanks for pushing it my way!

  9. I am Grumpy done!
    One day I’ll prove to you that I can be nice. Maybe….. Nah ….

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