Flappy Nappies and 9 Other Happy Things

I  have been handed the baton of the Happy 101  meme by the very lovely Sandy Calico at BabyBaby.

The rules I have to play by are to list 10 things which make me happy and then I must pass the award on to ten other bloggers. I am very easily pleased and love the simple things in life so this is a lovely one to do!

1. Washing flapping on the line. I love being able to put the sheets and towels out and watch them flappety flapping away. When I bring them in I bury my face in them and breathe in the outdoors. I was a very happy woman (if a bit OCD) when Bonus Boy’s nappies were pegged out all bright and cheerful. I did have to put them on the line in the right order, lovely coloured outers, white liners and rainbow wet wipes and I grinned as I did it (there’s the OCD, did you spot it?!). I still miss them a bit. And, no, I didn’t bury my face in those when I brought them in!

2. Children giggling.  I love that sound, I could almost hear Paula’s children over at Battling On when she posted this lovely picture. And here are two of mine, eldest and youngest, having a giggle in the garden.

3. Cooking. I love cooking really good vegetarian food and surprising meat-eating guests and I love baking with my children. We have a rule that you must have flour on your nose or you are not a proper chef and I let them lick the bowl when we have finished. We get very, very messy and we have a lovely time!

4. Having time to read, curled up in my favourite chair in front of the fire with a really good book. The book, for true happiness, must not be too challenging, it must grip me from page one and absorb me utterly. It must make me neglect my family, the housework and forsake all else until it is finished.

5. Sailing. I love it. It is mad, scary, chaotic but it is also soul enhancing. It creates unity between the Thinly Spreads. Together we brave and survive the elements. All the fierceness of motherhood comes out in me and all the resourcefulness and skilfulness comes out in them and it makes me incredibly proud and very happy. I love the long evenings sitting on the boat playing board games or netting for crabs all talking or reading but, best of all, all being together.

6. A good, leg stretching walk always makes me happy, especially when I can see for miles and there is no-one else in sight.

7. Gardening. I love growing things, especially things to eat. There is something deeply satisfying about going out into the garden and digging up potatoes, picking runner beans or collecting raspberries and then serving them up on the family’s plates for dinner.

8. Knitting with friends. This is still very new to me and I am enjoying it so much. I have just started a crochet class too and after some initial difficulties (I threw the crochet hook across the room in disgust last week!) I have now mastered the granny square and am working on a deliciously garish bedspread for my daughter.

9. Theatre. I love going to the theatre and would find it hard to move away from the town we currently live in which has two. We are also within easy range of Bath, Bristol and Salisbury all of which have fabulous theatres with widely varied programmes. My kids are theatre lovers too and it brings me enormous joy to take them.

10. Cuddling. Is there anything better than a good cuddle? No, I thought not! (Especially cuddling a baby, this is Bonus Boy when he was teeny tiny.

So now it is my turn to pass the baton on. I hope that these lovely people will enjoy having a go at it. If you’ve already done it, I’m sorry! And if you don’t do memes, I’m sorry too!

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15 responses to “Flappy Nappies and 9 Other Happy Things

  1. I share with you the love of children laughing – that babies advert for cow & gate gets me every time!
    I have done this one before but will have a think!

  2. How lovely! Thanks for taking up the challenge. I love the photo of you with baby Bonus Boy, it brought happy tears to my eyes.🙂 x

  3. Love the pics-especially the last.

    Thanks so much for tagging me-but I think I have done this one 4 times and I surrender. I can’t do it again.

    Can I say it will make me happy 10 times not to do this meme again???

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  7. Visiting from Blog Gems! I’m impressed that you line dry! That’s great! It’s really the simple things in life that make us happy!

  8. Well I came via blog gems but I always like your writing and your wonderful photos! And a lovely list – who doesn’t love a cuddle?

  9. Loz

    reading, gardening and walking are all ticks for me too.

    I’m over from Blog Gems

  10. Jen

    That last photo is just beautiful, I love those newborn moments🙂

    Your ten just proves to me that you are the wholesome good person I thought you were and, really, you shouldn’t be hanging out with me in case I influence you for the worse😀 Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

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