Crushed Thumb Has Unexpected Side Effects!

As some of you know (because you have been subjected to my moaning) I crushed the thumb on my right hand in the car door just over a week ago. I am right-handed so this has caused me a lot of problems on top of the huge amount of pain I have had to endure (ARGH!).

I have become quite proficient at typing left-handed as I have had to hold my right one above my heart to stop my stupid body sending yet more blood into it to help the healing process and making it swell to bursting point. (I have had words but apparently the blood has to keep flowing as it is more than Heart’s job is worth to withdraw supplies from a limb, not even if I write in triplicate and have a letter from the Brain.)

I won’t make you sick with gruesome descriptions of hospital procedures or gory photos, (no, not even if you ask me to!) you will just have to imagine what is under this:

However, out of all this something rather amazing has happened.

I have learnt to let go of the reins a little bit! I have had to ask for help and it has been given willingly and efficiently. The house did not grind to a standstill because I was incapacitated for a few days. There may be more mess than I would like (and my tolerance levels are fairly high), there may be a mountain of washing to do and washing to put away, there may be piles of stuff waiting for repatriation to bedrooms BUT we have all eaten properly, the dishes have been washed, the shopping has been done.

Of course I knew that my older children were perfectly capable of doing more around the house, they have had chores which they are expected to do and which they have performed efficiently and without complaint for years. What I didn’t realise was how much I insisted on doing most of the everyday stuff myself because it was quicker if I did. This week it has been quicker if they did it and they did it very well.

I  apologised to them for asking them to open tins, chop vegetables, carry bags or empty the washing machine and hang it on the line until The One Who Is Now Taller Than Me told me to stop it, that it was fine. I zipped my lip and just watched with pride as they all got on with it.

Lesson learnt: Give your kids a long enough rein and they will surprise you!


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11 responses to “Crushed Thumb Has Unexpected Side Effects!

  1. I’ve always thought that it is a fine line between doing it yourself because it’s quicker & letting children learn. Often it depends on the circumstances but I think we mums do step in too quickly quite often!

  2. I’m wondering what I can do to injure myself – not so much that I can’t type/read, but just enough to be unable to cook, clean, do washing…Thanks for the tip! Hope it feels better soon xx

  3. parklover

    Glad to hear you are getting some help – try not to revert back to doing it all yourself once you’re better!

  4. Michelle

    Glad that they are helping out. It isn’t until we can’t do that we realise the amount that others are capable of doing. Hope your thumb gets better soon. xx

    • Thank you, so do I! It’s too easy just to do it all but I have learnt this week that not only is it useful to have help (even if it is slow and they don’t notice things) but also that they REALLY enjoy helping out!

  5. EmmaR

    Do they peg the washing out correctly?!!!!! I know what you mean. Only extreme pain leads to change!

  6. Ouch….I hope it heals quickly.

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