That Friday Feeling!

Unbelievably it is sunny, AGAIN! I had a deep, thought-provoking post in mind for today but it can wait. Who wants to think on a Friday? It’s sunny, the children are cheerful, we have made it to the end of the first week of the Easter holidays without any major fallings out and the ‘B’ word hasn’t been mentioned since Day One!

This is what we did on this Fantastic Friday in the Thinly Spread household.

We carried on digging over the veg patch and plotting and planning its new residents. I tried to explain to Bonus Boy that we will not be growing bananas, mangoes or cheese but I’m not sure he understood my reasoning as he gave me a very good impression of That Look which I usually get from The One Who Is Taller Than Me.

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World had a go at sewing a cup cake from the Felt Sweets kit we bought from Great Little Trading Company. This kit is great if you have a child who is a bit impatient to see results! It is also in the sale!

The pieces are pre-cut so you just have to stitch it together through the pre-punched holes. It comes with a proper metal needle so is great for an older child. I will post the final result over the next few days. She’s having a rest because her arms ache(!).

The One Who Is Taller Than Me planted the mushroom kit he bought from Dobbies Garden Centre a few weeks ago. It is now resident in the understairs cupboard smelling deliciously fungus-y and we are looking forward to a crop in about two weeks time. Again, I’ll keep you informed of the fungal progress! ( I read a short story to a class I was supply teaching in recently about someone who did just this and the mushrooms took over the house. I think it was by Vivian French and it was quite alarming. I am very much hoping that doesn’t happen to us!)

Bonus Boy and Lovely Boy decided that a bit of tree climbing was in order. They are a pair of monkeys and spent quite some time up here chatting away and putting the world to rights. It involved a fair amount of hands on parenting from me as Bonus Boy kept swinging his legs out of the tree, quickly followed by the rest of him. He dangled over veg patch 2 and called for “Hulp” at regular intervals and I had to drop everything and rush to the rescue!

I hope the apple tree survives them!

Bonus Boy then decided a little bit of riding was in order and I set up the old, very wobbly and probably dangerous rocking horse that belonged to Daddy when he was a little boy. BB decided to feed the horse an apple and when he and the horse had had enough and had reached the core and its seeds he thought it would be a good idea to plant a tree. (It may replace the one he and his brother were scampering up earlier!) I hope it grows for him, it may already have drowned under over enthusiastic watering!

Continuing the explosive theme from yesterday,The One Who Is Taller Than Me and Lovely Boy trotted into town and came back with 500 snaps; those little paper packages which explode with a crack when thrown at the ground. The garden has been less than peaceful this afternoon as a result and I have just asked them to stop for half an hour to let the nesting blackbirds gather some food!

In amongst all this there has, of course, been a little TV, a lot of food and a few tears (when BB fell out of the tree) but overall a good day. Sunshine makes everything so much easier!

I’m off to cook 12 minute pasta bolognese because I have just seen the time and realise I have spent too long sitting here! I’m feeling very chuffed to have made it into Parent Dish’s Friday Round Up of the best of the UK parenting blogs with my post about holiday boredom! It has been a lovely week in bloggerland!

Don’t forget to vote in the MADs! If you want to vote for me I would be over the moon and there are lots of other lovely blogs out there to look at. Click on some  of the people who comment here to find some great ones. I will sit down very soon and compile a blog role of the people I am particularly fond of!


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4 responses to “That Friday Feeling!

  1. Susan Elkin

    Lovely photographs of the sprogs and good blog, as usual.
    What do you put in your ‘bolognese’ ? I don’t like Quorn mince but I find the bolognese concept works quite well with lentils. tomatoes etc.

  2. EmmaR

    The Thinly Spread household is magical! Can my girl be “Visiting Bonus Girl (most beautiful visiting bonus girl in the world)”? It’s lengthy I know but could catch on. As you know, right now, we both fancy jumping ship and joining the Thinly Spreads!!! My veg beds have been filled with cat poo again – I’m fed up with clearing it up. I thought I had sorted the buggers with bits of broken pot strategically placed but they just daintily poo round them. Argggh!

    • I don’t think there is an answer to the cat problem. I am just resigned to removing it and planting extras in pots so I can pop them in when they have been uprooted. Bee (the not so fat one of my cats) has never learned to bury hers so scratches at all the plants around it instead…she’s nice, but dim. I can’t grow sweetcorn any more for this very reason; she shreds it! I did ask a vet friend if you do cat training classes like they do for dogs; she said cats need animal psychiatrists!

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