Outside My Front Door

Here it is. The view from my front door for Tara’s gallery at Sticky Fingers.

Not very pretty! It caused so many tears when the graffiti boys came back and painted this wall. The owner now has three large pieces on his property. Not because he is a fan, I think, but because he doesn’t care. The house is run down and appears unloved. When they started spraying outside our gate, they set themselves up with stools and flasks and settled in for two days. Every time we went out they ignored us. It was soul-destroying.

In the end, my husband forced an encounter by driving up the lane slightly faster than was strictly necessary which did make them move out of the way a little bit quicker. I then confronted them as calmly as I could and had an in-depth conversation about art in public places. It is a tricky one. When is graffiti ‘art’ and when is it an ‘eye sore’? Where do the boundaries lie? It is something Julia provoked debate about on her blog this week over at What Julia Did Next . Suffice to say, on this occasion, I come down on the side of eye sore. It is aggressive and ugly and it stares out with its nasty eyes at me and my family every day.

Our only compensation for this is that once we are in and have closed the gate we turn around and see this:

And all is right with the world!


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26 responses to “Outside My Front Door

  1. oh those pictures of your children are so lovely, I love the vegetable garden in your back garden. Very Good Life. You have a lovely brick wall too. Just look at the Graffiti as art!

  2. beautiful pics. i suspect you are one of the “better mums” i talk about in my latest blog. The one that does all sorts of great stuff with their kids. check out your garden!

  3. JFB

    Thanks for the mention! The pics of the children help to make up for the drawlings (they add an ‘l’ to everything here!

    • My pleasure! I know about ‘l’s, I used to live and teach in Bristol. It was very hard to explain the complicated rules of English spelling to children who insisted on putting extra l’s in everywhere!🙂

  4. You have a really pretty garden, lovely photos. Yes, must admit, living in Brighton, graffiti is a way of life. Most of it is quite stunning and beautifully crafted, but some of it is just an eyesore.

  5. What a fabulous garden you have. Those pics are lovely. I read Julia’s piece too and really enjoyed it. I suppose the graffiti could be worse. (She writes, trying to sound helpful!)

  6. Love your walled garden – looks heavenly. I’m sort of on the art side but suspect that’s the opportunistic photographer in me seeing a funky backdrop! It’s all about location ya know🙂

  7. It’s good to have your very own santuary.

  8. Your garden looks stunning! Your picture with the graffiti although at times I dont like graffitti I do like the contrast of that picture!😀

  9. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Love your walled garden – fab!

  10. EmmaR

    I am generally feeling so serene when leaving the Thinly Spread house that I barely notice the graffiti! I have been known to make the whole graffiti wall wobble when misjudging the turn – could be persuaded!

    • Oh you lovely funny lady! I think one of the many passers by of a Saturday eve will lean a little too heavily and it will fall into his yard! If not, I may well take you up on your offfer!😉

  11. How lucky are you having a walled garden – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  12. If you’d asked me before I read your post what I thought about grafitti, I would have said it’s art. Putting myself in your shoes and describing it as ‘staring’ at you it’s made me think… There’s something very intrusive, arrogant, about it when it’s not in a gallery that someone has chosen to pay to see.

    • I was a fan of graffiti as public art and political statement until I realised (not just through my own experience) that it could be intrusive and agressive…it is a thought provoking genre but it can be personal choice at the expense of personal choice. Thank you very much for your comment.

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