Time for Lights Out!

Tomorrow at 8.30 the Thinly Spread household will be plunged into darkness. This is not because we haven’t paid our electricity bill but because for the second year in a row we are taking part in WWF’s Earth Hour.

Earth hour is a global shout to draw attention to the problem of climate change. More than 125 countries are taking part, millions of individuals and large organisations. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and all these iconic landmarks will go dark at 8.30 tomorrow night. There will be a wave of darkness as the lights go off in each country across the globe and we are going to be part of it!

In the Thinly Spread household we start at the top of the house in The One Who Is Taller than Me’s room and work our way down through the house turning lights off as we go. I light the way with a Wee Willie Winkie candle and then we all gather round the fire and play parlour games. Last year we played Consequences and Heads, Bodies and Legs which caused great hilarity so I suspect we will probably be at it again. I would like to have a go at some light writing and we will be eating a lot!

We had tremendous fun doing this last year. It is one of those things which has stuck in the children’s minds both because we enjoyed it so much as a family but also because we felt we were a part of something big. For one hour millions of voices usually quiet and unheard, feeling that they couldn’t make a difference, shouted LOUD and we were heard.


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11 responses to “Time for Lights Out!

  1. OH & I did it last year. We had candles & (like you) nibbles to eat, wine to drink & books that needed a shadow light to really get the atmosphere! Enjoy tomorrow. We’ll join you!

  2. I’m so glad I came here and read this. We did it last year and (I’m ashamed to admit) I’d forgotten all about it! Mind you, I don’t seem to have noticed much media coverage. Let’s hope that changes in the next 24 hours. Thanks for spreading the word!

    • Yes, it’s all been a bit quiet on the media front. I have to admit I only remembered because WWF emailed me to ask if I wanted to sign up again. Hope you have a good one, let me know what you get up to! I am hoping to post some light grafitti on here if we do it!

  3. What a great idea. Maybe we’ll do it too. x

  4. Berkley Bird!!

    Well done Chris – a really good start = I shall enjoy reading all about the continuing life of the thinly spread household – especially as I have had some input into the lives of three of your lovely offspring – shame Bonus Boy and I won’t spend two years together!!!!

  5. EmmaR

    I will be trying to take part in this. Mind you, as the clocks change tonight and DD had me up at 5 it may well be that all the lights will be out anyway!!!!

    Love your style Chris. I’m hooked on Thinly Spread!

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