Sand and Time Running Through My Fingers

Three out of six of us took a day off on Tuesday and went to the coast and I had an overdue lightbulb moment.

As I watched my lovely Bonus Boy grubbing about for shells and finding a Mermaid’s Purse, as I listened to him giggling as he jumped back from the waves and as I helped him build castles on the beach I realised that I only have FIVE more months with him before school absorbs him and that’s no time at all!

This has happened before with the first bit of my brood. When The One Who Is Now Taller Than Me went off to school I bemoaned that I hadn’t finished with him, that we had so much left to do, that we hadn’t gone pond dipping. When Lovely Boy Number 2 followed suit two years later I sobbed again and missed crawling on the floor with cars and curling up with stories. When The Most Beautiful Girl In The World went off without a backward glance, my heart broke.

We have moved into a new era and it is fab. School didn’t absorb them completely, they are still their lovely selves but we no longer have those endless precious days, we can’t drop everything and go to the beach whenever we feel like it.

So, as I sat on the sand at Studland, sipping National Trust coffee and watching the Bonus Boy, I made a decision. I am pulling him out of nursery on Fridays to give us one extra day together for the next five months. That means he will be at nursery for 2 days and with me for 3 (plus the weekend with the rest of the rabble). It will limit the tiny amount of work I have just started to do but I am going to ignore the nagging protestant work ethic gremlin with his scrunched up face who sits on my shoulder and protests. It will mean a little less money coming in, a little more time and effort to re-establish myself in the world of work but IT’S ONLY 5 MONTHS and he’s fun, and I love him, and I can do it…So I’m going to!

We are going to do more of this

And this

A little bit of this

And a whole load of this!


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10 responses to “Sand and Time Running Through My Fingers

  1. Go for it you! The money you lose will be nothing in comparision with the adventures you’ll have!

  2. Deb

    Aw, know how you feel. Only five months to go here (eeek!). You’ve given me food for thought but not sure I’d do the same, have to guiltily admit I’m loving my free time (first in nearly 14 years)….but might regret that!

    • It hasn’t been an easy decision…I’ve had 14 years of it too! (are we living parallel lives?!) Note I haven’t pulled him out completely! I rarely get offered work on Fridays and he is very easy to be with so it seems to make a lot of sense.

  3. I completely understand too. My youngest number 5 will be three in July and time just whizzes by. People keep asking me when he is going to nursery but I’m just enjoying the time. It goes so quickly. Enjoy the five months. :0)

  4. I love the time I get with my boy. I am lucky that am going to be able to stay off work until he is at school. With my eldest I worked 5 days a week during term time from when she was 4 months old. We did have the school holidays but its not the same.

    Hoping that when I move I can keep one whole day clear for adventures – at the minute its half days only.

  5. Great idea to spend more time together – and thanks for the reminder that I should do the same with my younger boy…

  6. mina ford

    I do wish I hadn’t read that. I know exactly what you mean and now you’ve got my mind whirring. Am I making the most of our time together? Shall I brave the inlaws and ask them to have The Pogle (her secret nickname) sometimes on Thursdays so we can have some time on our own together before school starts? And now I shall not sleep and I have an article to finish by tomorrow. Help.
    I love your writing and your photos. Bless your lovely Bonus Boy.

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